Bible School Enrolment

Bible School Enrolment

Topics Covered in the Series

How can I improve my significant relationships?

Where can I find lasting happiness?

Do spirits really exist?

What happens when a loved one dies?

What does the future hold and who can I trust?

Discover peace, hope and certainty in a world of turmoil!
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Lianne Atze enrolled in the Bible school and is more than half way through her lessons.  She says, “I have read the Bible 3 times before, and this is the FIRST time I have really understood it.  I am learning many fascinating Bible topics that have really opened my eyes!  I am feeling uplifted & closer to Jesus since studying with Amazing Facts Oceania and HIGHLY recommend it to others who have questions and are searching for peace and strength in their daily lives.”

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Begin a life-changing journey into the Bible, and discover solid answers for the questions of life.