Amazing Facts Reaching More People Around The World

An Amazing Fact: In 2011, Guinness world-record holder Jeff Kolodzinski set a new fishing record. Using nothing more than a simple cane pole, bobber, and live bait, Kolodzinski caught an incredible 2,649 fish in only 24 hours, breaking his previous world record of 2,160 fish!

It is hard to imagine a more successful fisherman than Kolodzinski! But did you know that every single day, you and Amazing Facts are actually reaching thousands of “two-legged fish” with the everlasting gospel?

Is that even possible? Yes! And it has happened before. When the apostle Peter preached at Pentecost, 3,000 were baptized in one day! (Acts 2:41). And later, another 5,000 were baptized following the preaching of Peter and John (Acts 4:4).

Especially now, as we see major prophecies lining up so fast it makes your head spin, time is quickly running out. More and more people are searching for safety.

That’s why the Lord has commissioned every faithful Christian to use their gifts for Him as “fishers of men”—and He wants you and I to work together to bring as many lost souls as possible into the boat of salvation.

I’m excited to tell you that last year, Amazing Facts “netted” approximately 11 million visits to our websites. That amounts to 916,000 visits every month—or more than 30,000 every single day, nourishing the lost and confused with God’s Word! It means the world to me that you care so much about the Great Commission, and your loving gifts are making a profound impact for God’s kingdom. But according to a new Gallup poll, Christianity in North America is in trouble—through empty preaching and worldly distractions, Satan has created a spiritual vacuum in the hearts of millions.

If we want to keep gaining ground for His Kingdom, we must use every available means to share the pure truth. When this happened in the early church, thousands were converted in one day—friend, with God’s help, this can happen again!

Fishing With a “Net”
Indeed, more than 430,000 souls follow Amazing Facts on Facebook. In just one day, nearly 150,000 people saw our post about the eternal nature of the Ten Commandments. Because of your dedication, TENS OF THOUSANDS received this Bible truth, many for the first time!

And that’s just the start. On YouTube, where we feature Bible-based videos, nearly 4,164,000 hungry people have heard the three angels’ messages while watching Amazing Facts.

These are giant leaps over the previous year, and God is already leading a record number of famished souls to the liberating truths we share!


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