An Amazing Fact: In 2020 on-demand binge watching (where the viewer is able to watch and re-watch content at their convenience) has grown by over 32%.  Subscriber numbers for Australia’s largest on-demand service, 9Now, has grown by nearly 1.2 million people in the first 6 months of 2020.  But what is more exciting is that Amazing Facts Oceania has become the most watched on-demand religious TV program in Australia in 2020.  Bigger than numerous big name Evangelistic TV shows, bigger than household names like Joyce Myers and Standish.  The bible based preaching lead by Pr Doug Batchelor has provided people with answers, direction, assurance and hope. By opening up God’s word into people’s homes, many have found direction and assurance when everything else around them failed.


Dear Friend,

We hope you have read the Amazing Fact above (if not, you should read it right now). We want to thank people just like you for supporting the Amazing Facts Oceania Ministry.

The Amazing Facts Oceania Ministry operates totally on private donations in Australia. These private donations, along with volunteer input and many prayers, have seen an incredible response in 2020.

Yes, the COVID Pandemic has driven significant interest this year, but with your support we were ready and available to be found (on-demand) when people were looking for God’s Message of Hope that shows His plans for our future with the assurance of His soon return.

People like one viewer, Amanda, and thousands more, have had racing hearts in 2020 wondering about death, hell and the future.  In distress and unable to find answers, she was directed to one of our on-demand TV programs titled ‘The Good News About Hell’.

After tuning into the program Amanda requested a free gift and after receiving the free gift, enrolled in our Australian-based bible school to learn more.

In 2020 our bible school has received over 5,000 bible school enrolments and sent out 7,500 bible-based free gifts to people all over Australia.  Each of these bible school enrolments represents nearly 135,000 potential study lessons to be individually reviewed marked and returned to a person deeply interested in finding truth.  Our bible school completion rate is running at nearly 80%.  To say our South-East Queensland office is overrun with requests is an understatement!

The Australian office has 1 full time employee, with the remaining work completed by 3 full time volunteers and a team of other volunteers that give all the time that they can give.

But just like you, when your family grew or your responsibilities expanded, finances come to be even more critical.  In 2021 we will operate on a budget of $250,000.  All of this expense is for media outreach, postage, fixed operating costs (e.g. phone line, internet access) and general expenses (e.g. paper, ink etc). There are no wage costs as our volunteer-based office saves us nearly $350,000 each year in saved wages.

We thank God for the loving, dedicated people all over Australia for their faithful support in 2020.  In 2021 we seek your continued financial support of Amazing Facts Oceania as we use the bible-based message of the Amazing Facts Presents Program to reach more people on 9GEM and on-demand service 9Now to reach into more homes giving hope and assurance to those most in need of God’s Everlasting Message.

As people’s hearts fail them during these times, let us share the knowledge that we have that strengthens us.  As King David said, “My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.” Psalm 73:26

In 2020 the faithful supporters of the ministry fully funded the outreach programs hosted by Pr Doug in Melbourne which saw nearly 10,000 people attend the weekend’s programs. We can only say that this was God’s providence as these meetings took place in February, just prior to the COVID pandemic; and with the week before the ministry supporting a weeklong outreach effort with Pr Doug in Adelaide.  As we now know, holding these meetings at any other time this year would have been impossible.

In 2021, along with our continued media presence, we potentially look forward to having Pr Doug visit Australia again.

As you make plans for 2021, we ask that you prayerfully consider financially supporting the Amazing Facts Oceania Ministry in the year ahead.

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