AMAZING FACT: Despite falling crime rates, imprisonment in Australia is at record levels rising more than 35% over the last 20 years.  As of June 2021, there were 42,506 people imprisoned in Australia [1].

Do you think it is possible for a criminal who committed some of Australia’s most heinous crimes to be a part of the Amazing Facts Bible School?

An individual who was charged and sentenced to 45 years in jail for a double murder, watches our Free to Air Television shows and has completed both the 27-part Amazing Facts Study Guides and Landmarks of Prophecy Bible study set – all from his prison cell!

Earlier this year ‘John’ (not his real name) wrote to us asking several questions. He then told us he was in prison saying “…I have 16 more years to go before a chance of parole because of stupidly foolish times on drugs 10 years ago that cost people their lives.”

Helping people find and experience true freedom in Christ is what the Amazing Facts Ministry has been about for over 50 years. During this time, hundreds of thousands of people have been touched by the powerful message of Christ’s promise of forgiveness.  Amazing Facts is broadcasting in nearly all corners of the world on Television and Radio. We also publish Study Guides to reach even further and provide deeper understanding of Bible truths and the Advent message. In 2021 over one million study guides were distributed around the world. We hold firmly the bible promise

“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”—John 8:32

Amazing Facts Oceania’s purpose is the proclamation of this message in Australia and the Oceania region. Having a local office in Australia, helps us coordinate local Bible Study programs, provide timely responses to prayer requests, send free gifts and respond to those seeking bible answers. All our Free Gifts and Bible Study Guides are powerful messages of truth, grace, bible prophecy and Christian principles.

Your continuous support to keep this ministry alive helps us reach even the hardest of criminals in Australia. The enrollment and correspondence with ‘John’ rocked our small team. It showed that the work undertaken here reaches into the deepest corners of this country. The Holy Spirit is still working on the hearts and minds of individuals leading them to watch or engage in programs that reveal a God who Cares.

Connecting with “John” in prison reaffirmed the need for continued Free to Air TV broadcasting, social media outreach, and our Bible School. We communicate individually with our bible school enrollments and in Australia our purpose-built bible school now has over 4,800 students.

COVID lockdowns highlighted that reaching into an individual’s home has never been more important.

In 2021:

  • We mailed over 25,000 Study Guides to homes in Australia
  • Our on-demand TV program on 9NOW had over 30,000 minutes of TV viewership every month
  • ‘Amazing Facts Presents” became the most watched on-demand religious program in Australia.

Lockdowns and other restrictions left many individuals without the ability to connect with their local church. It has many people asking questions about the future. We have seen a remarkable increase in the number of people that once may have been educated at Christian schools or visited Sunday school, turn back to the bible for answers or re-study end time events in this uncertain and disconcerting time of life. Our flagship program ‘Amazing Facts Presents’ available on demand, is helping answer some of these questions.

With your support, we can share sermons and literature online, so those still seeking are able to learn more about Christ. Due to the interactive nature of our ministry, up to 60% of our enrollments are completing the entire study programs online.

Our goal as a ministry is to teach people about God, provide them with answers, and most importantly, to connect each individual that graduates from our bible school to a local church so they can be further supported in their faith journey.

With an uncertain future it is imperative that we stay in the media, sharing the message of the one true God. However, this is not possible without your help. We ask that you prayerfully consider financially supporting the Amazing Facts Oceania Ministry as 2021 comes to an end. Our Australian office is at full stretch maintaining full service online and mail-out bible schools. We rely 100% on donations as we receive no church funding.


Your financial support has helped reach “John” –  tomorrow it could help reach your neighbour or co-worker.


May God continue to bless you,

Pr Doug Batchelor                            Sam Godfrey

President                                             Director

Amazing Facts Ministry                  Amazing Facts Oceania



[1] Australian Government Productivity Commission; Oct 2021; Australia’s Prison Dilemma, Commission Research Paper;

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